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Critical Coronavirus UK Martial Arts Impact Survey

We know quite comprehensively how devastating Coronavirus has been to the martial arts sector already.

Our work as part of the BMABA Group of Social Enterprises means we have both ears firmly planted to the ground across all areas of martial arts – including via a major association. We’re not an over-funded organisation that believes ‘everything will be okay’. We’re routed in reality and we know that reality has already bitten for so many clubs and instructors up and down the UK.

From our initial research, almost none of the clubs outside of the Sport England NGB setting appear aware of the £195,000,000 Emergency Support being provided to organisations and clubs throughout the country. We’re not yet sure why this is, but our research will help us drill down further.

What is clear is that martial arts needs support – fast. Club after club is already failing, hundreds are being made to pay rent for property or hall hire despite having no income. With a potentially long road to social distancing being relaxed enough to allow many martial arts dojos to re-open, we want to do our bit.

We’re conducting the biggest universal impact study currently out there in the martial arts field. We’ll be asking every club and instructor from every style and association to provide us with their experiences and feedback. The survey is quick – around 60 seconds to complete – but will provide a valuable insight into the short term and long term impact Coronavirus is having on our clubs, instructors and participants.

We will share feedback as soon as we have an initial sample of 600 entrants. This may be as early as Wednesday (29/04/20). Unfortunately we know the survey won’t provide much in terms of hope that only a handful have been adversely impacted but it should provide a credible, valuable resource for our entire industry to use when making a case for more support.

If you can, please take 60 seconds to complete the survey. We’re offering a range of rewards at random to those who do. If you can, please also share with friends and colleagues so we can ensure the martial arts industry is heard.

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