The Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation is a national organisation that tackles childhood poverty and social inequality through structured martial arts programmes.

Our work covers key issues such as Childhood Poverty, Violence Against Women & Girls, Knife Crime, Bullying and more. We make safe, professional martial arts training accessible to those who would otherwise would miss out. By instilling confidence, self-empowerment, self-discipline, fitness and resilience to vulnerable groups, our specially vetted clubs can help tackle grass roots issues that damage communities and ruin lives.

Our Foundation is an arm of our powerhouse group, The BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises. We’re not a charity and receive no financial assistance. Instead, we’re a social enterprise and self-fund all of our own work.

“Race, religion, gender, social class – when you whittle it all down, we all have just 5.5 litres of blood.

Giovanni Soffietto, Founder.

The BMABA Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation was founded in 2019 by the award-winning social entrepreneur Giovanni Soffietto, who also founded the BMABA. Giovanni himself grew up in poverty and experienced first hand the devastating impact this has on a person’s life. 

From just a £20 start up in 2012, the BMABA and the Fighting Chance Foundation now reach more than 100,000 a year and is influencing martial arts in the United Kingdom for thousands of instructors, students and participants.

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We believe martial arts can provide a solid foundation for change in our communities. By bringing together people from all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences under a common bond of respect, discipline and discipline, martial arts has the power to change lives.

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