Our key mission is to inspire social change and transform lives through martial arts.

Key objectives

The Foundation is focused around four key areas of societal injustices centered around our firm belief that everyone deserves the fundamental right to be safe and to feel safe. These are;

>> Childhood Poverty including the associated inactivity and obesity that often goes hand in hand with families in financial distress and the plethora of associated life-limiting outcomes directly and indirectly associated with childhood poverty. This includes poor educational attainment, child exploitation, county lines and substance abuse, among others.

>> Violent Crime, regardless of gender, with a particular emphasis on Knife Crime. This includes a key focus on promoting self defence training for everyone of all ages.

>> Violence Against Women & Girls including the massively disproportionate lack of female participation in Self Defence and Martial Arts.

>> Under-Represented Groups including veterans, the LGBT community and others who’s mental or physical wellbeing is compromised through a lack of affordable or accessible sporting and leisure opportunities.

What’s Our Blueprint For Change?

Our Foundation works on a ‘life-cycle’ basis for change. Just as the coveted black-belt takes years to achieve, we look at the long term influences our Foundation can have on the lives of those affected by poverty, violence and social injustice.

By building programmes linked to the Association’s core operation, the Foundation ensures a continued stream of pre-vetted and well regulated instructors and clubs through which we can engage communities.

The programmes we run are aimed aim addressing the fundamental causes posed by some of society’s greatest issues, rather than just the effects. We believe martial arts is a key tool for transforming mind, body and soul for the better, and combine the long-term commitments that come with martial arts to reach and engage those in need over longer periods of time, rather than just short courses with no additional support.

We also provide a self-sustained framework to continue promoting grass roots participation. This includes the effective regulation and promotion of best practice among instructors in areas including professional development, safeguarding and health & safety. Our core work getting more people than ever into dojos and onto the mats whilst improving the standards of instruction considerable further support our charitable programme’s aims of reaching some of our society’s most in need.

You might be surprised to hear that we do not receive a penny in funding from Sport England or the Government. We’re entirely self-sustained and self-supported through the association’s membership model and also gratefully received donations and support from the public.

Our Programmes & Initiatives