How far does £20 go?

How about all the way to being one of the UK’s most influential independent martial arts governing bodies, engaging more than 16,500 people in martial arts across the United Kingdom with a dedicated Charitable Foundation and award-winning Association that effects grass-roots change for some of our communities most in-need?
What if we told you the guy behind it grew up in poverty and left school without the standard A-C in the core subjects but is now a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, employer and advocate?

No start up funding, no loans, no support, no ‘little black books’.

That’s us in a nutshell.

How Was The Fighting Chance Foundation Founded, And Why?

The BMABA Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation was founded in 2019 by the award-winning social entrepreneur Giovanni off the back of more than a half-decades success building up one of the UK’s leading martial arts governing bodies.

Giovanni himself grew up in poverty. Born into a hard working family – like 70% of children growing up in poverty – despite both his Mother and Father working long hours, it simply wasn’t enough to keep food on the table and electric in the meters.

Throughout his childhood and especially into teenage life, Martial Arts provided an escape. A consistent, life-affirming opportunity to get fit, build self-discipline, train up resilience and bring together the mind and body in an otherwise turbulent life.

At the age of just 20, whilst still living in poverty and with just £20 of capital, Giovanni founded the BMABA Association – a grass roots governing body that would go on to inspire better, safer martial arts across the country. The association would go on to turnover a six-figure income, amass more than 16,500 members and influence martial arts policy throughout the United Kingdom.

Fast forward nearly a decade to 2019.

In October 2019, Giovanni handed over 100% of the shares in the limited company he formed to run the association, to the BMABA Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation, for free. This meant the Foundation owned the Association and any profits would be directly attributed to the Foundation. Unfortunately despite every assurance possible, the Charity Commission made the process untenable and instead the BMABA group of Social Enterprises was formed with a vision to legally ensure all profits found their way to the Foundation, without having to rely on Charitable grants.

With the association now multi-award winning and growing rapidly, Giovanni realised a ten year dream of founding a Foundation to help kids growing up in similar circumstances to his. The Fighting Chance Foundation is committed to focusing its efforts on Tackling Knife Crime, Fighting Childhood Poverty, Helping Women & Girls Get Into Martial And More.

The Foundation is the result of – and testimony to – the potential of every child has, including those growing up in poverty whom are so often disregarded by society.

Find Out More About Our Founder’s Inspirational Success Story

We have never received a penny in funding or support from Sport England, the National Lottery or the Government. We’re entirely self funded.