As a Foundation, we stand fast in our conviction that people are inherently good, and capable of change. This plays to our knowledge that martial arts can tap into the very best potential in people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and beliefs.

We stand for;

1.) People are inherently good.

For the most part, people are inherently ‘good’ and want to help those in need, even if they don’t feel they have the knowledge or ability to do so.

2.) Everyone is capable of change.

Within every human being is extraordinary capabilities and strength, including the ability to change their outlook, habits, lifestyle and action for the better.

3.) Everyone is born equal.

We all have 5.5 litres of blood, and despite the clear contrasts between families’ financial pressures, when we are born, we are all equal.

4.) The intergenerational poverty trap can be broken

We can – as a society – can inspire change and break this cycle through education and effective lobbying.

We see the constant good martial arts can provide to people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, races, ethnicities and genders. There’s no distinctions, no differences – complete equality. With more than 100 different styles and disciplines represented by the BMABA Group on a daily basis across just about every part of the UK, we’re proud to be the home of British Martial Arts.

We don’t receive a penny in funding or support from Sport England, the National Lottery or the Government. We welcome sponsors – big or small – who may wish to contribute to our Foundation’s work.