The UK Martial Arts industry is grossly under-reported and under-analysed. There are very few statistics available as well as next to no reports or research papers. This means the many benefits of martial arts and its place in the UK’s sporting landscape is grossly under represented.

As part of the BMABA Group reaching more than 30,000 ‘on the mats’ participants per year we have begun conducting intensive surveys and studies on all areas of martial arts. From safeguarding and best practice through to grass roots participation and societal barriers to attending a session – we’re compiling a vast amount of data and research into martial arts and its impact.

Here are just some of our publicly reference research papers;

Whilst we’re currently compiling more than 7 specialist and detailed surveys / reports, we don’t have anything ready to publish here just yet. Please stop back regularly to find our latest research papers as and when they’re made available to the public.

Current Surveys Open For New Entries;

The Great Martial Arts Survey

This is an industry-wide survey that aims to help us all understand the impact martial arts has and the good it creates. We also ask about perceptions and influences.

Open To: Instructors, Parents & Participants

Rewards: Random Selection. Vouchers & Gifts Available.

Coronavirus Impact Survey

This survey aims to assess the true scale of damage done to martial arts by Covid 19 along with the collection of numerous case studies to document the emotional, financial and sporting losses.

Open To: Instructors

Rewards: Random Selection. Vouchers & Gifts Available.