Not too long ago, that would have been an insult. Anyone who has done martial arts properly will get it.

It’s about time the ludicrous connotation that women and girls aren’t as capable as men in sport was dispelled for good. We can’t influence other past-times, but you had better believe we’re serious about changing the narrative in martial arts.

Still Think It’s An Insult?

 Nope. Didn’t think you would.

#PunchLikeAGirl is exclusively run by the BMABA and is a self-funded initiative to get more women and girls into martial arts.

Completely independent and self-started with no Sport England or Government Funding.

Good Martial Arts can be about as unisex as you could imagine a sport to be.

Whilst we celebrate the differences in our build, weight and reach, in martial arts size isn’t everything. Anyone who’s grappled with a 2nd Dan BJJ fighter will tell you that be them 6’5 or 5’1 an arm bar is an arm bar!

#PunchLikeAGirl is an awareness campaign designed to raise the issue of the huge discrepancy between male and female participants against the huge disporption of women and girls who are the victims of violence and abuse.

Martial Arts can provide life-improving tools like fitness, self confidence, self empowerment and self defence skills. It’s magnificent, and to see such a lesser up-take among women and girls is a crime shame.

What does the programme do?

Women are twice as likely as men to be the victims of domestic abuse but more than half as likely to learn self defence through regular martial arts training*.

#PunchLikeAGirl challenges misconceptions surrounding women and girls’ participation in martial arts. We break down the barriers that stop women and girls from getting onto the mats and learning martial arts. This is achieved through a range of media, social and in-person campaigning through the BMABA Association. We also provide gender equality training to BMABA registered instructors to make sure they’re aware of the issue.

This helps BMABA clubs offer a safe, welcoming place for women and girls to learn to ‘kick ass’.

As a leading Martial Arts Organisation we’ve always seen how men and women are on a complete even keel when it comes to ability in and out of the ring. Old fashioned ideas about what different styles of martial arts involve and what’s right and wrong for girls need to be dispelled. The ring, cage, mats or dojo are open to everyone.


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