Championing Self Defence Skills For Everyone

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and to be safe. We also believe that Martial Arts and Self Defence training can play a key role in this.

The argument that says there is no point learning self defence because you should never have to use it is to us ridiculous. Whilst everybody should have the right to go where they wish, when they wish and with whom, unfortunately that’s just not the world we live in. Nobody should ever have to worry about the risk of being attacked physically but it can and does happen.

Learning martial arts isn’t about arming yourself with a false-belief of invincibility and it’s not offered as an assurance that you won’t be the victim of physical violence. What it can do, however, is offer a fighting chance of offering robust physical defences in fight or flight situations. More to the point the training it self builds resilience, self discipline, fitness and situational awareness. These are transferable skills that can improve a person’s standard of living.

What Does The Fighting Chance Foundation Do To Address This Issue?

As part of the BMABA group of social enterprises, we own the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA). The BMABA is a multi-award winning independent martial arts governing body. It has more than 16,500 members across the United Kingdom. Whilst our Foundation specifically focuses on very particular issues of social injustices through our KnifeCrime programmes and Scholarship Schemes, we also promote participation on the broadest possible scale. We think everyone everywhere should try martial arts at least once. What’s more, we’ve built an awareness campaign for our instructors that aims to ensure clubs offer reality based self defence training.

What is Reality Based training?

The term Reality Based refers to a type of training that focuses on teaching techniques and methods designed to work in the real world. Whilst all martial arts are routed in reality, over time traditional techniques and some sports orientated styles can become a little diluted and impractical for the everyday practitioner. Reality Based martial arts is about ensuring techniques and skills taught offer the participant a chance to learn real self defence skills. It’s also about instilling a very realistic approach to self defence training. This is focused around not believing you’re invincible or that your techniques are guaranteed to work. This method of martial arts instruction is designed to build practitioners who are aware, robust and realistic about their personal safety.

The Difference We’re Making

As a Foundation we work tirelessly to change perceptions on martial arts and to make it easier, safer and more affordable than ever to give it a try for the first time.

We have BMABA registered instructors and clubs delivering sessions 365 days a year at thousands of venues across the United Kingdom. If you haven’t already tried martial arts or if you would like to learn more about Self Defence and the difference it can make we would urge you to try a licensed, properly vetted BMABA club.

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